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Synopsis for Topsy MacGregor

Synopsis. Topsy MacGregor. Word Count 1,430.

Supposing, just supposing that your favourite woofer dog becomes too fat.
Would you try to stop feeding him sweeties?
Change his diet completely?
Or send him to a health farm?

These are the questions confronting Mistress MacGregor about her beloved dog Topsy MacGregor.
Read how she resolves them and the outcome of her decision in this delightful tale for pre-school children.


Topsy MacGregor and her Mistress Sue
Had a difficult problem of what to do?
For Topsy had grown so very fat,
And the Vet had said “We cannot have that.”

So Mistress MacGregor set out with a plan
Rang up on the phone to one of her clan
Oh where to send Topsy to rid her of weight?
Make her quite slim and fit through the gate.

A health farm she was told is where Topsy must go
Though her time there might pass very slow
Mr.Hearty the owner, he was a true pet
And had secretly yearned to become a real Vet

Now Topsy don’t stare with those big brown eyes
When you get to the farm you could have a surprise
Perhaps you will make some new friends there
So cheer up, and smile then your time you will bear.

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